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Technology Leadership

Introduced entrepreneurial, technical acumen to business challenges, built consensus at the executive level, and drove change through innovative technology solutions. Shed legacy systems in fragmented organizations to unify and streamline processes and paved the roadmap for growth.  Led rebooted Ditech Mortgage to the cloud with a fast-track process spanning all aspects of the business.

Offshore & Offshore Initiatives

Established clear lines of accountability and reduced offshore talent churn by mapping skillsets to project goals and objectives. Held contracted teams to KPI standards, established standard operating procedures to improve the customer experience, and reduced mean time problem resolution by 40% at Ally Bank.

M&A, Restructuring & Turnarounds

Moved away from low-cost, low-service levels, revamped systems and realized synergies in multiple mergers. Instituted an enterprise mindset and insured readiness for more than 15 acquisitions at Finance of America. Networked more than 50 branches, reduced outages and eliminated manual backups which were lasting up to 15 hours to improve productivity tenfold.   

Change Leadership

Brought awareness and acceptance of new technology models to owners, executives, and the workforce, replacing fear and resistance with eagerness for new, improved outcomes.  Disrupted and consolidated infrastructures and automated  processes to build efficiency, repeatability, and precision.  Increased service levels at Finance of America and drove downtime to below 1%, generating more than $200M additional revenue. 

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