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Rackspace sadness

Posted by jason mcmunn on November 22, 2010 at 5:13 pm

So I am a big fan of rackspace cloud.  I’ve been using them since they were Mosso.  I’ve recently started collaborating on a new endeavor with a guy who’s got a great idea.  I’m looking to bring in the the tech backend.

So I was going to throw up a “coming soon” page and decided this time I’d do things a bit differently.  In the past when I collaborated with someone on a site I’d usually just add it to my “account” and it’d show up as one of my sites for editing.  Makes splitting it off later a hassle and it doesn’t seem like the “right way to do it”.  So I set the new site up with a distinct sub account.

I go into the “ftp user” section of the security tab and go to add myself to his site as an editor… “This username is already taken”.  Wait.. what? I have to create a new account just for editing his site? This can’t be right.  Sure enough it is.  I talked to tech support and you can’t attach existing accounts to subaccounts as editors.

The confirmed that if I wanted to collaborate with 10 people on 10 sites, I would have to create 10 additional usernames for myself with 10 different passwords(or i guess they could all be the same).

What a failure.

Thumbs down rackspace.  Thumbs down.

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